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Acredius Partners with Cardano for Blockchain Innovation

Acredius collaborates with Cardano to revolutionise marketplace lending with blockchain technology

Ghassen (left) and Tareck (right) meet Frederik Gregaard – Chief Executive Officer of Cardano Foundation

Acredius is thrilled to announce the launch of its platform on the Cardano ecosystem, which will allow our users to benefit from the innovative features of this blockchain platform. 

This move marks a significant step forward for the lending industry. It represents Acredius’ commitment to providing cutting-edge technology and solutions for its users. 

Acredius’ investors can use Cardano’s cryptocurrency, ADA, to invest in Swiss SMEs through this integration. Also, they will soon access a secondary market, allowing them to “liquify” their investments and enjoy greater investment flexibility. 

Additionally, Acredius will deploy smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain. Besides supporting growth opportunities for SMEs, loan tokenisation on a retail investor level will impact the ecosystem.

This integration will bring greater investment portfolio transparency, security, and trust. Acredius is excited to embark on this new venture and looks forward to delivering unparalleled value to its users.

“We are excited to join forces with Cardano, a leader in the blockchain space. This collaboration will benefit both parties and ease access to marketplace lending,” says Ghassen BENHADJSALAH, Co-Founder & CEO at Acredius. 

Launching on the Cardano ecosystem will enable the platform to harness the full potential of its blockchain technology. Hence, providing innovative and secure solutions to its clients. 

In addition to leveraging the benefits of Cardano’s blockchain platform, this integration is also a part of Acredius’ broader strategy to promote financial inclusion and adopt advanced technologies. 

We’re happy to expand Cardano’s reach and adoption and further promote blockchain technology’s benefits within the financial industry. 

“Our client’s needs and expectations are evolving. We strive to be at the forefront of innovation in the marketplace lending industry,” adds Ghassen BENHADJSALAH, Co-Founder & CEO at Acredius. 

Acredius’ integration with the Cardano ecosystem will provide a range of advantages for its clients, including enhanced security, innovative solutions, and access to cutting-edge technology. Acredius is excited to embark on this new venture and looks forward to delivering exceptional value to its clients.

We believe this collaboration will shift the marketplace lending industry paradigm. 

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