About acredius

Where do I login to my account?

You can log in to your account by clicking on the "Login" button (on the top right corner of the Acredius' website) and by typing in the email and password you have used to create your account.

Can I come to the office and apply together on the platform?

Yes, certainly! Please contact us at info(at)acredius.ch, and one of our representatives will contact you to arrange a meeting at the office.

How old is your company?

Acredius AG was established in 2017.

How many people are in the company?

We have an international team of ca. 15 talented members.

Is there any chance to finance the project in one shot with a single investor?

Yes, this scenario is possible. However, in general, investors prefer to diversify their portfolios to spread out the risks.

How long does it take to receive the money?

An exact time can not be guaranteed, as the investors solely decide whether or not they are interested in the project. However, we have seen various scenarios of credits financed within weeks as well as longer durations.

Who has access to my documentation and project descriptions ?

Your documents are confidential and not publicly displayed. Registered investors can eventually request to review them in order to assess the investment opportunity. The descriptions are only accessible to registered investors. However, a short public teaser is created to gather interest in your credit request.

Do I have to sign a contract with every single investor, or is Acredius signing with them?

You do not have to sign a contract with every single investor. Acredius will directly manage the relationship and the formalities with the investors.

How long does the project stay on the platform?

The credit request stays online for a duration of 30 days. Once it expires, you may decide whether you wish to extend it for another 30 days to enable the gathering of more investors or if you want to close your request.

Is the one I see the final offer? Is it possible to do better and receive a more competitive offer from your end?

The offer displayed is indeed final. Unfortunately, a more competitive offer can not be formulated, as it would not accurately reflect the risk associated with your credit request, for the investors.