About borrowers

How long does it take to receive the money?

An exact time can not be guaranteed, as the investors solely decide whether or not they are interested in the project. However, we have seen various scenarios of credits financed within weeks as well as longer durations.

Do investors see my pitch decks or financials?

Investors cannot see the documents that you have uploaded during your credit application. However, they can eventually be shared upon request, to better assess the investment opportunity.

Do I have to present or pitch to every single investor?

You do not have to pitch to investors. They will have the chance to know more about your business on our platform through the descriptions you have provided during the application.

Is the one I see the final offer? Is it possible to do better and receive a more competitive offer from your end?

The offer displayed is indeed final. Unfortunately, a more competitive offer can not be formulated, as it would not accurately reflect the risk associated with your credit request, for the investors.

At which stage does the offer become binding?

The offer is binding from the date of contract signature online. However, depending on the situation, we are happy to be flexible

Can I ask for an offer if I have taken other business loans/COVID loans?

We highly recommend avoiding over-indebtedness. Depending on the size and duration of the outstanding loans, an offer may be formulated.