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You can log in to your account by clicking on the “Login” button (on the top right corner of the Acredius’ website) and by typing in the email and password you have used to create your account.

Yes, certainly! Please contact us at info(at)acredius.ch, and one of our representatives will contact you to arrange a meeting at the office.

Acredius AG was established in 2017.

We have an international team of ca. 29 talented members.

We recommend creating a title that best represents your business and which includes the name of your business, e.g. “Cutting edge drone – Company Inc”. With that being said, once you create your title, our team will review it and will suggest potential amendments.

Yes, our team will review the title and description of your credit application and advise on potential amendments.

An exact time can not be guaranteed, as the investors solely decide whether or not they are interested in the project. However, we have seen various scenarios of credits financed within weeks as well as longer durations.

On the Acredius platform, you can not have a borrower as well as an investor’s account. Therefore, we encourage you to register only with the one based on your current needs and interests.

Investors cannot see the documents that you have uploaded during your credit application. However, they can eventually be shared upon request, to better assess the investment opportunity.

Your documents are confidential and not publicly displayed. Registered investors can eventually request to review them in order to assess the investment opportunity. The descriptions are only accessible to registered investors. However, a short public teaser is created to gather interest in your credit request.


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