Borrowing procedure

What if I change my mind and I want to withdraw my project?

Once your project is fully financed, you cannot withdraw it, since it is binding. However, if you do not gain the financing amount you desire after the first 30 days of the investment period, you have the option to cancel and withdraw your project.

Can I personalise my payment schedule (for example choose to repay by quarter or annually)?

The repayment schedule is currently fixed at once a month, starting one month after you have received the investment sum.

Can I defer my repayments (for example begin repaying installments six months later than agreed)?

You must repay instalments according to the time schedule specified in the loan agreement. For all projects, it is fixed at once a month, starting one month after you have received the investment sum.

Can I pay back my loan earlier than initially agreed? If I do so, do I incur fees?

You may repay the total loan amount and clear the debt in a lump sum including fees and interest at any time with no additional charge.

Who are the parties in the loan contract?

The loan agreement is a legally binding contract between you the borrower and Acredius AG.

Who will need to sign the loan agreement contract?

The signee of the loan agreement contract must be an official and legally binding representative of the company named in the loan agreement. The Acredius account holder providing the details of the loan request must be an authorised party or representative of the company, but does not necessarily have to be the signee of the contract.

What does it cost to register at Acredius?

Registration on the Acredius platform is free of charge.

Why would I want to provide more information than mandatory?

The more information you provide, the more accurate your risk assessment will be, which directly affects your interest rate.

What happens if I allow Acredius to see my social media profiles?

Acredius collaborates with FriendlyScore, a UK-based company which calculates a social credit score based on your social media profile(s). FriendlyScore then provides Acredius with this assessment and we incorporate it into the overall Acredius credit rating. Before showing your social media profile(s) to FriendlyScore, you will be informed about which data they will consider. Typically this concerns your basic profiles (name, profile image, headlines, current positions, tweets, publicly shared information, etc.). For FriendlyScore privacy details, see FriendlyScore Privacy Policy.

Does Acredius save or hold my social media data?

Acredius does not have access to your social media profiles. Should you decide to allow FriendlyScore to evaluate your social media profiles, you are doing so subject to their terms and conditions.