Investment procedure

Can I register as a company?

Yes, you can register as a company.

What interest rates can be expected?

Depending on the project and risk class - interest rates can go from 2% up to 15%.

Can I only invest in Swiss francs?

We're home to investors from all over the world and accept all major international currencies.

Which data do I have to provide in order to register on Acredius as an investor?

Investors must provide their first name, surname, address, nationality and date of birth when registering on Acredius. Some additional information may be needed depending on the type of investor you are. For example, if you are the legal representative of an investor, you will have to upload a procuration. In order to invest, you must provide identification documents, i.e. your ID and bank account details.

Can I resell my purchased loan claims to other investors?

Acredius does not have a secondary market. As an investor, your contract is with Acredius AG, and loan claims cannot be sold to third parties.

Is negotiation between borrowers and investors possible?

Since there is no direct contact between borrowers and investors, there can be no negotiations or bargaining between the parties.