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Yes, certainly! Please contact us at info(at)acredius.ch, and one of our representatives will contact you to arrange a meeting at the office.

Acredius AG was established in 2017.

We have an international team of ca. 29 talented members.

For investments in loans, Acredius has a success-based fee of 1% per repayment. These 1% are currently given back to you as a bonus.

One of Acredius’ strategic and financial partners is Lemonway. They are responsible for performing the loan servicing.

We’re home to investors from all over the world and accept all major international currencies.

Yes, our pool of investors also includes institutional investors.

No, this is not possible

Here is the story of Definition 12: https://acredius.medium.com/the-story-of-definition12-a7d75602a239 And the story of Mybox: https://acredius.medium.com/the-story-of-mybox-self-storage-space-renting-in-zurich-bern-basel-1d0a411e3999


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