Our business model

How long does it take to receive the money?

An exact time can not be guaranteed, as the investors solely decide whether or not they are interested in the project. However, we have seen various scenarios of credits financed within weeks as well as longer durations.

Who has access to my documentation and project descriptions ?

Your documents are confidential and not publicly displayed. Registered investors can eventually request to review them in order to assess the investment opportunity. The descriptions are only accessible to registered investors. However, a short public teaser is created to gather interest in your credit request.

Which data do you use to assess my case?

At Acredius, next to some traditional methods to gauge creditworthiness, we also use non-traditional data such as social media profiles, customer reviews, awards won and much more, to assess your case.

Do I have to be based in CH to ask for an offer?

Yes, currently, we can only provide loan offers to legal entities registered in Switzerland due to licencing restrictions.

Can I ask for a loan for my branch in Italy/France/UK…?

Due to licensing restrictions, currently, Acredius can work only with legal entities registered in Switzerland.

Is it free to receive an offer?

Yes, receiving a loan offer at Acredius is free of charge. Keep in mind that once the project is financed, you will have to repay it with interest, including a 1% p.a. success fee to Acredius, on the amount requested.