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How it works - Acredius

Why Acredius?

Invest in Swiss Francs

Choose the amount you want to invest in each project. You can invest up to any multiple of CHF 200 in different projects on the platform.

Monthly repayments

Loans are fully amortising, which means monthly payments include both principal and interest. Your risk of losing the principal decreases over time

Wide range of risk rates

Depending on the risk categories of projects you invest in, interest rates on our platform can range between 2.5% and 16%

Non-volatile ROI

Unlike investing in the stock market, the return on investment on Acredius projects is not directly subject to wider market fluctuations. Your interest gains remain non-volatile over time

International currency

Use your local currency to invest in projects on the platform. We will convert it into Swiss Francs for you!

Invest in Swiss SMEs

Our projects come from all cantons of Switzerland. Choose a project that you like on our platform and invest directly in the business.

No hidden fees

We charge a fee of 1% on every monthly repayment. Moreover, registration is free, and no fees are charged before you receive your returns.

Browse through projects on the Acredius

Here you can choose projects from quality Swiss SMEs. Register and sign in to see the details of each project. Get busy investing!

Easy investments in Swiss SMEs -
with 3 simple steps

1. Create your account for free

Browse through our public list of projects. Did you find something you like? Register with Acredius and create your investor’s account for free.

2. Choose your project(s) and invest

Choose from a variety of projects and invest in the ones that interest you. You can start investing in any project from CHF 200 per ticket

3. Receive your monthly repayments

Once a project becomes financed, you will receive a notification from us. Voilà, sit back and wait for your monthly repayments of the principal plus interest, directly in your bank account.

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Which fees do I have to pay? Is Acredius trustworthy? We’ve been in your shoes and understand what you need. See our FAQs to help with your questions.
We’ve got you covered!

Speak to our awesome team

Please feel free to leave us a message here or call us directly. Our expert support team is here to help you!

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