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Acredius welcomes Chief Strategy Officer Tareck Raafat

Meet our new Chief Strategy Officer!

Meet tareck Raafat

We are excited to announce that Tareck Raafat has joined Acredius as its Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). A veteran strategist with a wealth of experience in upscaling companies and growing assets, Tareck co-founded the company five years ago alongside Ghassen Benhadjsalah and Nada Chebli.

While Tareck was not operationally involved, he played an essential role in coaching the management. Now, he returns home to take the helm in leading the strategy development for Acredius.

Bringing over 25 years of international business strategy experience, he actively advised numerous Tier 1 biopharmaceutical and innovative biotech companies globally. His extensive background uniquely makes him a valuable resource for navigating the industry’s complexities. Additionally, he founded and successfully led Stratas Partners, an international strategy consultancy, for over a decade. Later on, seamlessly integrating it into PwC contributed significantly to his multifaceted expertise.

Tareck strategically focused on developing the fintech sector. As a result, he drove a more substantial impact through alternative finance and innovative private equity growth strategies. This unwavering commitment demonstrates his dedication and underscores his vision for shaping the future landscape of financial technology. Moreover, we can provide unique solutions by aligning his interests with our focus on the SME marketplace. Consequently, this synergy allows us to grow and succeed in a rapidly evolving financial landscape.

As the new CSO, Tareck brings a wealth of experience in the entrepreneurial world to the table. His deep understanding of strategy and operations and his leadership skills make him the perfect person for this role. We’re confident he will push Acredius to the next level.

Tareck will work closely with Acredius’ CEO, Ghassen Benhadjsalah, to develop the company’s strategy. Together, they will guide the business through strategic planning, ensuring a cohesive and forward-looking approach.

This decision aims to involve the company’s Co-founder in more operational roles. It is intended to ensure that Acredius executes its strategies successfully and helps our business achieve its goals.

About Acredius

Acredius Group, a Swiss Fintech group, has a mission to impact the real economy and aims to be one of the future innovation leaders. Acredius provides an ecosystem supporting entrepreneurs and investors, assisting them throughout their journey, especially with:

  • An online Marketplace Lending Platform that makes investors’ and borrowers’ needs meet in an unconventional, digital, intuitive, and safe environment.
  • A Private Equity Fundraising offer for promising start-ups and dynamic companies searching for equity investments.
  • The Growth Strategy arm plays a crucial role in the company’s journey, offering support before, during, and after fundraising or credit obtention.

The group also features the “Acredius Tunisia Centre of Excellence” ATUCE, focusing on artificial intelligence and data-driven decision-making. Its purpose is to help international clients stay relevant in a customer-centric and insights-driven future.

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