Capital increase for a Health & Wellness center

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Project ID


Amount needed

CHF 42’000



Risk class


Loan duration

60 months




Human health and social work activities

Project description

Wellness Centre Mon Idéal Sàrl is a Swiss family business located in Carouge, in the French- speaking canton of Geneva. The company provides fitness, wellness and nutrition services, as well as several other body care and skin care treatments using innovative high-tech machines. Wellness Center Mon Idéal was founded on May 2020, and it is managed by members of the family who have a combined experience of more than 40 years in the field of beauty, wellness, fitness and nutrition coaching. The company plans to increase its capital and shareholders base and drive more growth. It seeks a financial boost of CHF 42’000 with an interest rate of 12.54% over 60 months.

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CHF 400

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CHF 460

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