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Supporting disruptive innovation for a beverage company - Acredius
HOXXOH Holding

Supporting disruptive innovation for a beverage company

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  • Project ID
  • Amount needed
    CHF 100'000
  • Interest rate
  • Risk class
  • Loan duration
    24 months
  • Location
  • Industry
    Wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles

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CHF 400

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Project description

HOXXOH is a high-end Champagne brand revolutionising the Champagne industry with its disruptive innovations. Based in Caslano, located in the Italian-speaking Swiss canton of Ticino, the brand has gained immense popularity worldwide. Their vineyard in Epernay, France, produces top-quality products, resulting in over one million euros in sales across five continents. HOXXOH achieved over half a million in sales on five continents and constantly strives to improve and innovate its offerings. The brand is seeking CHF 100’000 in funding to finance its investment in further innovation. With this investment, HOXXOH plans to stay ahead of the competition and continue to provide its customers with exceptional and unparalleled Champagne products. Overall, HOXXOH is a brand that has truly disrupted the Champagne industry with its innovative approach and premium quality products. Its commitment to excellence is reflected in its constant pursuit of innovation and improvement, and the brand's future looks bright as it continues to expand its global reach. Thanks to the investment, the company will be the first player who offers a world-first 50-litre Champagne bottle of Limoges porcelain. They will also register two patents for their Bubble-Light LED system, allowing entirely luminous bottles. HOXXOH is proud to offer their investors a special incentive: any investor who invests more than CHF 1'500 in their project will receive a package of Champagne as a token of their appreciation.

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