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Working Capital for an Eco-Friendly Scooter Company - Stelfia Sàrl - Acredius

Working Capital for an Eco-Friendly Scooter Company – Stelfia Sàrl

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  • Project ID
  • Amount needed
    CHF 45'000
  • Interest rate
  • Risk class
  • Loan duration
    36 months
  • Location
  • Industry
    Transportation and storage

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CHF 400

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CHF 460

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Project description

Stelfia Sàrl stands as a testament to sustainable progress in the electric vehicle sector. Founded in 2016 from humble beginnings in a small office with basic tools and a worktable, Stelfia embarked on a mission to rejuvenate damaged or defective electric scooters, offering them a second life with new users. Today, its mission has evolved into a comprehensive service offering, including sales, extensive testing opportunities for various models, and both short and long-term rental services. With the expansion of its product range in 2023 to include electric bicycles and select scooters or motorcycles, Stelfia Sàrl continues to drive the future of eco-friendly transportation. The company seeks to secure CHF 45’000 in working capital to finance the purchase of a large number of electric scooters and further enhance its product range and services, ensuring Stelfia stays at the forefront of the soft mobility revolution.

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