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Genknowme, personalized prevention solution - Acredius

Genknowme, personalized prevention solution

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  • Project ID
  • Amount needed
    CHF 50'000
  • Interest rate
  • Risk class
  • Loan duration
    48 months
  • Location
  • Industry
    Professional, scientific and technical activities

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CHF 400

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CHF 460

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Project description

The company provides a novel blood test to support healthcare professionals while they coach their patients into making healthy lifestyle changes. Genknowme measures the impact of your lifestyle at DNA level by determining your biological age with epigenetic assessment. Their revolutionary test is based on a blood analysis and provides personalized results while ensuring data security and anonymization. The test, which can be repeated, allows long-term monitoring to follow the effects of healthier lifestyles. They provide the fastest, most accurate and comprehensive epigenetic health assessment on the market. Their innovative, epigenetic-based analysis allows and supports the adoption of preventive actions for healthier ageing adapted to one’s sensitivity to lifestyle factors. With this knowledge you have the tools to act positively and make preventative changes to your lifestyle where needed.

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