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Growth for an Online Tennis Shop - Acredius

Growth for an Online Tennis Shop

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  • Project ID
  • Amount needed
    CHF 10'000
  • Interest rate
  • Risk class
  • Loan duration
    24 months
  • Location
  • Industry
    Sports equipement

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CHF 400

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CHF 460

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Project description

Tennis Universe is a Swiss sports company located in the canton of Solothurn, Switzerland. It trades in sporting goods, particularly tennis and related services, and offers a large variety of products to its customers, ranging from tennis clothing, bags, tennis balls and even customised rackets. Tennis Universe’s online shop offers several related services, including a future online stringing service, where customers can order stringing from home. The company seeks to raise funds to purchase new stringing machines that can offer extensive stringing services for tennis enthusiasts and at tournaments in the future and expand its range of services.

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