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Acredius Gateway Ventures Partnership: Shaping Europe's equity future

Accelerating AI-powered equity investments in Europe – Acredius and Gateway Ventures break new grounds together

Ghassen and Anna (Acredius) meet with Markus and Svenja (Gateway Ventures) to celebrate the partnership.

With the strategic partnership between Acredius and Gateway Ventures, two established European players in the alternative finance sector are joining forces. They are also expanding their teams and businesses in five countries.

Acredius, the Swiss fintech platform with AI-powered credit risk assessment, expands into the rest of the EU with this partnership. It demonstrates its innovative spirit by taking the step into equity startup investment.

The partnership between Acredius and Gateway Ventures marks a pivotal development for both companies. While Gateway Ventures brings its expertise and large network in equity startup investment, Acredius contributes technological know-how, innovation power and AI capabilities. Consequently, this benefits startups, SMEs, as well as investors alike.

Moreover, the mutual geographical and financial vertical expansion enables Gateway investors to invest in private loans, especially in Switzerland. Conversely, it gives Acredius’ investors the chance to invest digitally in equity, which also expands the reach of SMEs and startups that need financing for growth.

The diverse and attractive portfolio features AI-powered credit risk, valuation, and international presence. It also provides access to secondary markets through blockchain tokenisation, and maintains strong ties with Women in Tech®, the world’s leading organisation promoting inclusion, diversity, and equality in STEAM (PURPOSE/ESG).

Ghassen BENHADJASALAH, Co-Founder and CEO of Acredius, states: “Our expansion into equity startup investment and partnership with Gateway Ventures demonstrates our commitment to being at the forefront of fintech innovation. We are leveraging our technological expertise and building alliances to provide our users with a diverse and attractive portfolio of AI-powered investment opportunities”.

As part of this dynamic partnership, Acredius’ technological expertise enables Gateway Ventures to scale its platform, ensuring seamless collaboration between investors and startups. This collaboration will ease loans access, accelerate transaction execution and blockchain-based equity tokenisation.

Markus Kainz, CEO of Gateway Ventures comments on this collaboration saying: “Acredius has proven to be a key partner, bringing cutting-edge technology and a wealth of ideas to our doorstep. This collaboration signifies a new era in startup investment, and we are excited to be part of this transformative journey“.

The Acredius and Gateway Ventures alliance aims to enhance the startup ecosystem. It also provides tech-driven opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs to connect and prosper. Our objective is a mutually integrated platform to expand investment opportunities for users on both sides.

About Acredius:

Acredius is a leading digital fintech marketplace dedicated to empowering investors and entrepreneurs with a commitment to innovation. The platform offers a seamless and efficient platform for funding and investment and is now venturing into equity crowdfunding.

About Gateway Ventures:

Gateway Ventures is a community specialising in investing in growth startups. It offers direct funding opportunities to a diverse community of investors. Using its strong presence in the European market, Gateway Ventures aims to drive innovation and growth in the startup ecosystem.

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