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Acredius ECSP License Achievement: Expanding Crowdfunding in Europe

Acredius acquires the European Crowdfunding Service Provider license (ECSP)

In a groundbreaking development for the European fintech sector, Acredius, headquartered in Zurich with a subsidiary in Porto, is thrilled to announce the granting of the European Crowdfunding Service Provider (ECSP) license. 

This achievement marks a significant milestone in its quest to redefine the alternative finance landscape across Europe and highlights its commitment to excellence, innovation, and investor protection.

Understanding the ECSP regulation

The ECSP regulation, set forth by the European Union, aims to establish a unified regulatory framework for crowdfunding platforms. This initiative is instrumental in enhancing the market’s integrity, protecting investor interests, and laying the groundwork for expanding cutting-edge financial services across the continent.

By obtaining the ECSP license, Acredius shows its commitment to the highest standards of transparency, security, and compliance. This reinforces its status as a trusted leader in the financial ecosystem.

Expanding horizons

Initially, Acredius’s platform was limited to hosting projects from SMEs based in Switzerland. However, acquiring the ECSP license excites the company to expand its offerings to include projects from all over Europe. This move will open up many opportunities for companies and entrepreneurs across Europe. It connects them with a wide network of investors eager to support innovative startups and SMEs.

Furthermore, granting the ECSP license is crucial in bolstering investor confidence. The platform ensures a secure investment environment with strict compliance, solid asset protection, and transparent fund management. This strong investor protection framework boosts confidence among Acredius users. They know their investments are secure and supported by a platform following strict European standards.

Broadening financial instruments with Equity Crowdfunding

A key highlight of this achievement is notably Acredius’s newfound ability to offer equity crowdfunding, thus significantly broadening the spectrum of financial instruments available to investors looking to diversify their portfolios and companies in search of capital.

Furthermore, the ECSP license ensures that investors can conduct their equity crowdfunding activities within a secure, transparent, and regulated setting, consequently elevating the overall integrity of the investment process.

Building on this momentum, Acredius plans to broaden its footprint across Europe starting from Portugal. Through passporting its license, the company will operate in other EU countries, including France, Germany, Austria, and Spain, in the near future. 

Acredius CEO Ghassen BENHADJSALAH commented on the license granting:

“Obtaining the ECSP license marks a crucial milestone in our journey, affirming our commitment to excellence and quality. This achievement greatly improves our offerings. It allows us to provide a wider and better range of investment opportunities. Now, we can support more SMEs and startups across Europe. This is a game-changer for entrepreneurship and innovation on our continent. We’re proud to lead this transformative movement.”

A new chapter for Acredius

Acredius takes immense pride in this milestone and commits to leveraging it to solidify its role as a pioneer in the financial sector, actively driving forward the accessibility, transparency, and security of crowdfunding investments.

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